Heineken are the expert in sport event sponsorship marketing: A new Champions League campaign show us why

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Heineken continue to develop super engaging activations around their Champions League sponsorship. You will all remember their cinema stunt that showed the world how to properly do content that travels (see here). They then helped fans actually spend proper time with the Trophy (see here), something that they will remember for the rest of their lives. They helped you better bet on the games of the tournament (see here). Now they are giving away tickets in a way that you’ve never seen before… truly identifying the Heineken man!

A simple give-away promotion simply isn’t enough these days, even if the prize is something of high emotional value. Heineken knew this all too well and wanted to combine a give-away, with gaming and storytelling. As such, they created “The Negotiation”. Much in the same spirit as the original Concert stunt, they tapped into the main barrier of football watching – girlfriends and wives. However, this time they wanted to see whether the men could convince their partners to buy something for their home that was clearly for the man. Those that did, got the tickets.

The content that resulted from the stunt is absolutely brilliant. The techniques used by the guys are hilarious. Have a look.

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