Great subversive advertising from DHL & McDonald’s

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It is becoming increasingly difficult to get people to internalise a Brand message. Experiential programs are on the rise as Brands look to allow their consumers to walk in their Brand world and live the values and messages that they would like to convey. A major benefit to experiential programs is that the authenticity of the emotions felt allow for greater memory of the message. Moreover, this authenticity when captured on film can be easily transmitted to viewers because they can sense the absence of acting.

McDonaldsUK_TheBigMacMindTests14McDonald’s recently did an experiment to demonstrate the appeal of its Big Mac. The assumption was that people’s memory of a Big Mac and desire (even if subconscious) is so powerful that it will make people not notice an obvious change in the world right in front of their eyes. To do this they created a simple scenario whereby a couple asks a passerby to take a photo of them. As he shoots, a poster of a Big Mac walks between the couple and the photographer. As the poster is carried away, the man of the couple has been exchanged. You’ll be surprised at how little people notice.

DHL has done a brilliant subversive campaign where it used the other shipping carriers to merchandise its message. The idea used a simple colour changing technology to make competitive companies such as UPS inadvertently carry huge boxes that said “DHL is faster”. The campaign was filmed and the rest is history. To date the films have generated serious viewing numbers have been passed around the blogosphere. I can also assume that the cost of this stunt was incredibly low. Brilliant.

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