Great films to round out the holidays and set us on a path to a really happy New Year brought to you by Google, Coca-Cola, and Mercedes

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We are a few days into 2013 and it will be exciting to see where human conviction will take us in the year ahead. Brand storytelling is a great indicator for the direction that is desired. Over the course of the last year we have seen a greater focus on real stories, be they through stunts or choreographed film. There are so many real stories out there that people truly want to hear about because they can relate to them. Coca-Cola and Google have been champions at leveraging this movement.

Coca-Cola was in full form during the holidays launching several brilliant stories that warm your heart and connect with your soul. The short film by Ridley Scott has been talked about furiously across the blogosphere and in trade magazines. It is a beautiful piece and will likely be turned into a feature at some point. Another great story came from Brazil where the iconic red Santa Claus made a visit to a very rural part of the country where his myth lived but was distant because the kids didn’t think he would ever visit them. When they did, thanks to Coke, the joy was unbelievable. The last one is called “Small World Machines” and is a project whereby countries and their people are connected through vending machines – allowing you to enjoy a Coke and a moment of happiness through the technology delivered through the vending machine. Absolutely beautiful.

Google Play developed a beautiful story about the reality of trying to keep New Year’s resolutions. The story brings to life all the different apps that are often used when setting those meaningful plans but then also brings to life how easily you can get distracted by all the great (and sometimes “evil”) content that strays you away from your original objective. A funny and cute film. (See also the other Google Chrome work that follows a similar storyline format)

The last story that I came across was from Mercedes that brings to life the car as a true object of desire. The film follows a tried-and-true format where there is mounting drama culminating in a beautiful twist that not only completes the story but injects the viewer with a torrent of emotions. Absolutely brilliant. (See more of their great work here)

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