Great Brazil World Cup Football creativity – chapter 1

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The FIFA World Cup in Brazil is quickly approaching and the big marketing campaigns are starting to roll out. As such, I have started a series of posts dedicated to the great creative works that will be around the tournament this year. For the first chapter of the series I wanted to look at two big football Brands – Nike and Carlsberg.

nikeNike is arguably the most epic World Cup advertiser even though it is not an official sponsor. For the FIFA World Cup in South Africa they launched one of the most memorable films of all time – Write The Future (see here). Therefore, I was very curious to know what they would treat us with for the Brazil World Cup. Their new campaign, Risk Everything, is brilliant and really taps into the sentiment of football right now, with so many great players and great teams. It is about putting everything on the pitch and not caring about consequences (which is almost contradicting what the Brand said in 2010). For their film, they leaned into everyday footballers, and how they transport their idols onto the pitch which gives them the drive and joy to put everything on the line. The realness of the story is what makes it so powerful and thus a great piece of work and can sit comfortably beside Write The Future. Have a look.

CarlsbergCarlsberg has been producing a lot of great work lately and their World Cup effort adds to this pool. They leveraged a common but powerful sentiment – that football unites the world. Many Brands have used this insight but what Carlsberg did with it was truly special. Essentially they hosted games at borders where the players were literally playing across a border. To make the idea even more powerful, they sought troubled borders where actual barriers existed so that they players had to play over the barrier. The result was a brilliant and powerful bit of content. Have a look.

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