Great added-utility marketing programs by Carlsberg, Foxtel, and North Face

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To be a culturally-leading Brand today, it is paramount to seek out ways to provide added utility to customers and consumers (see here). Great utility helps compliment your core product offering to make the Brand experience a lot richer. This way, the memory that is created around a Brand is a lot more positive and resonant. The following examples are three different ways that utility can be used to compliment a core product experience.

The most straightforward type of utility is a way to enhance the product experience. Foxtel in Australia developed a shirt that allowed Aussie Rules Football fans to experience the emotions and hits of players during games. The app and wearable innovation perfectly complimented their broadcasting of the games. Moreover, Foxtel was considered the destination for Aussie Rules fans which gave them credibility to develop this strange but powerful promotion. It certainly will ensure sustained and perhaps increased ratings for the network. Have a look.

The next type of utility is by finding a way to make the product experience as pure and without pressure as possible so that the net takeaway is as genuine and thus powerful as possible. To ensure that the hiking in the great outdoors is as perfect as possible, the North Face developed a technology that used foot power to provide energy to ensure that your phone is never without power. The technology is nothing new. It seems to have been copied or bought from Kenyan entrepreneur Anthony Mutua (read article here). However, the connection with a the North Face brand is really powerful. Have a look.

happy hour 2.0Another way to provide utility is by making the consumption environment as pleasant as possible. Carlsberg did a brilliant job with this though their on-premise social media program called #happybeertime. Essentially the program is a consumer-powered “happy hour” promotion. Participating bars are sent a USB from Carlsberg that they connect to any TV running in the bar. The stick displays images and a call to action for drinkers to shoot Instagram photos and tag it with #”the bar’s name” and #happybeertime. With each photo uploaded added time is submitted to happy hour. The more you get involved, the longer you get cheap drinks. The idea is brilliant because it tightly integrates the trade into the promotion. Have a look.

HAPPYBEERTIME casevideo from Konstellation on Vimeo.

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