Google turns your online world into a pinball game

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There are countless online services who serve up your favorite sites and content using unique delivery systems, be they through mobile apps, social apps, etc. Google has now entered the mix through their Chrome experiment creative platform. True to character, they have found a very different, highly engaging, and very creative way to bring to life this curation idea that has already been done before.

Chrome can obviously list your favorite sites, so the Google team wanted you to experience your “online neighborhood” through a very different perspective, giving you even more intimacy with those sites. Adding a gaming layer, they created a pinball/maze mashup. You live the corners of each site in a way that you have never done or even thought of doing. The Chrome experiment certainly gives you an appreciation for the ISPs power and potential but also indirectly suggests its intimate knowledge of the website you love and thus gives you reason to want to Chrome as your go-to ISP.

Have a look at where you can experience the “World Wide Maze” game – 

Very cool.

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