Google projects that inspire: Old Trafford digitised & a night walk

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Google continues to impress me with its relentless pursuit in helping you experience the world with greater richness and excitement. Granted with more time spent online enjoying this richness and excitement, Google has the ability to serve up more advertising, which allows the company to make money. So far, the level of intrusiveness is not over-bearing, at least to me. The upside to the creatively curious is that opportunities to discover new places, new ways at looking at places, and new ways of feeling places, are constantly evolving. There are two recent examples of how Google is doing this.

unnamedA project that Google did with Manchester United allowed far-away fans to experience a match like never before. Titled “The Front Row Story”, Google helped fans that live in countries around the world have a front row seat at Old Trafford, literally. This allows their legions of fans around the world to bond with their club, even if the team is suffering this season. More importantly, this initiative opens the door to a new way of thinking about your global supporters, and even potentially a new revenue stream for a club. Have a look.

The next project where Google opens up opportunities for new discoveries is called Night Walk. Essentially this is a walking tour of Marseille like you’ve never experienced before. Tapping into the passion and creativity of local artist Julie de Meur, Google used its technologies to allow people not fortunate enough to experience a night walking tour in Marseille, to enjoy the same experience through their computer screens. While this resembles the many online tour guide videos that exist of different places, there is something more intimate and more immediate about the experience. Have a look at the video that explains the concept (beware it is in French) and visit the site to go on a Night Walk!

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