Google Glass: Brands start to test the app waters with wonderful ideas

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Google Glass is a brilliant innovation that will likely take a while to truly catch on. In April 2013 videos started surfacing about Glass and what it can do. I was pretty smitten. Clearly there were and remain bugs to be worked out, but Brands who are pushing their innovation agenda are exploring the future possibilities with Glass. These following two case studies show that the creative potential with Glass is enormous.

Brands that are pioneering app idea with Glass tend to be using them for highly functional purposes, but highly creative, and incredibly useful.

The first Google Glass idea is from Philips who have found a way to significantly aid doctors and surgeons. The proof of concept shows how Glass can allow all the information that a doctor and surgeon needs to be instantly accessed upon request. The value is that he or she never has to leave the site of their patient ensuring a more speedy and safe process. Have a look.

The second app idea comes from Sherwin-Williams that helps you pick paint colours on the go. While the app can easily be replicated on a handset, the “eye to inspiration” connection is much more immediate, and the social chat add-on really makes it a powerful tool. If they could link it to eCommerce then the app offering would truly be complete. Have a look.

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