Google creative brilliance struts its stuff in music and gaming

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The philosophy of experimentation that fuels the deep pipeline of Google products also galvanizes their marketing and creative mindset. They tap into interesting ideas and run with them (and encourage this with the partners that seek to use their platforms – see presentation they did for Ad Week in 2009). Some have strong reactions in pop culture, some less so. The point is that the company goes with its instinct and is comfortable if consumers don’t agree with them. They simply move on. A recent successful example is Project Re:Brief: a brilliant idea that could have stayed very underground but became a beacon of creative inspiration.

I have come across two recent projects that follow in the footsteps of the Google creative philosophy. The first is called Ingress: an AR mapping game. This project was set up to help Google improve their mapping services. Instead of working within the walls of the inspiring Google offices, the company decided to encourage their users to be part of the development team by playing a game that allowed Google to collect data of different environments and subsequently apply the information and learnings into their mapping services. Absolutely brilliant! The game has a PacMan-type vibe – have a look at the trailer below.

The second inspiring creative idea is around music and is called JAM: An AR mapping game. This service is part of a long string of inspiring creative iniatives that encourage adoption and usage of Chrome (the mot notable previous example is Arcade Fire’s A Wilderness Downtown). I absolutely love the work around Chrome (see my blog post about the work), and this initiative is no less cool. JAM is an interactive web application that allows people in different locations to “jam” together in real-time using instruments provided by Chrome (there are 19 in total). To showcase the platform they created a cute video that leverages the pop-culture phenom – piano cat. Moreover, they have kept to the illustration style that is similar to their instructional videos making the piece feel both entertaining and informative. Have a look.

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