Gaming used to teach kids to brush their teeth!

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Gaming is become a tool to coerce kids into either understanding “grown-up problems” (see article on getting kids to understand global warming), or to get them to do daily routines that they find useless and not fun. Brushing your teeth is just such a case. I know from experience that young kids do not always like the toothbrush or toothpaste. Also they don’t really want you to poke around in their mouths. As such, it is a tough task to get kids to brush correctly before it is too late and cavities kick in.

In Japan, they have found a solution to this dilemma: Toothbrush Hero. Yes, just like Guitar Hero or DJ Hero who show you how to use those instruments, Toothbrush Hero from Hi-Chew shows kids how to use toothbrushes. The gaming component forces engagement, and competition forces repetition. As such, this gaming trick accelerates learning of a muscle skill that is important sooner rather than later. Have a look.

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