Ford launches the Fiesta using only Twitter

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Ford has been dedicated to social media marketing for a while now. Scott Monty is leading the charge and I’ve read somewhere that he believes that it is possible to launch a new car solely online. Well, his team in Argentina have stepped up to the plate and delivered.

The goal – launch the Ford Fiesta through Twitter. The approach was simple but very smart: Ford found the most followed Twitterer in Argentina and gave him the first and only Ford Fiesta available in the country. They asked him to write about his experience for 5 straight days. To add some stature to the “influencer strategy”, Ford got some of the most famous TV stars to jump in the car and tweet mini interviews wile being driven around in the new car.

After five days the campaign had reached over 200,000 people which is approximately half the Twitter population in Argentina. Not bad right? Big props to Wunderman Buenos Aires.

FORD – The first pre-launch of a car using Twitter from Jose Azanza on Vimeo.

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