Finding the right content to ignite your social media platforms: Lowe’s shows us how its done

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The quest to find the best approach to social media content, and to keep pace with the constantly evolving expectations of consumers is very difficult. The desire for simplicity, quick turn-around, that is engaging and different keep the bar very high. The first thing is to understand how to best use your social channels. The best content isn’t necessarily the best produced one, it is the one that is so pertinent to the mindset of the person on that social platform at that time. Therefore, it is critical that you know what they want – to find information about x, to buy y, to connect with z, and so on.

Lowe’s, a DIY store in the US that competes with the likes of Home Depot, has done a brilliant job at honing in on a key piece of their social media strategy – showing how to deal with irritating home nuissances. They used a trending tag on Twitter #howto and entered the conversation with a series of DIY shorts (and I mean very short) that showed how to fix based breaks around the house, such as dealing with a stripped crew, removing the sticker from a new cup, etc. Using the cool and very raw stop-motion technique, they were able to capture the DIY spirit while very telegraphically bringing to life the mini tutorials.

The cap off the content play, they found straightforward and human words for the different posts. As an example, the post that went with the stripped screw solution was “Stripped screw? Not a problem, just use a rubber band”; or the post that wen with the cup-and-sticker video was “Any sticker peels right off when you have a hair dryer!”

Very cool work from BBDO. Have a look.


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