Facebook show us the right way to do “how to” videos

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Facebook-How-To-videosEvery online company tackles with friction areas that inhibits select users from getting the most out of that specific site’s experience. The solution is to create some type of content that walks a user through the process so that there is minimal drop off at key phases of the user experience. In eCommerce this is very common during the order, payment, and returns steps.

Most commonly, sites create simply animated videos that are universally understood and utterly simple. Arguably the benchmark for excellence in these types of films is Google (see their video for +1 here, or for Google Wallet here). The challenge is that because this is the go-to format (see eBay’s “how to buy” video here), many videos look similar and when these films appear on social channels such as Youtube, they don’t do anything to bring differentiation to the Brand which should always be considered when making any type of content.

Facebook developed a series of “how to” films that break the mould from the many others. Instead of leaning into simple animation and making the films void of emotion, they have leaned heavily into live-action storytelling, opting to talk to their “site features” in the context of real life situations. In doing so, the utility of the functions that they are explaining truly come to life. Very smart, and beautifully executed. More importantly, these films are ideal for social, and will perfectly bring to life the uniqueness of the Brand when they travel through social media. Have a look.

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