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downloadThe growing consumption of bite size content is not new. With over 100 hours of video uploaded to Youtube every minute, it is not surprising that our desire to keep up can only be satiated with shorter content so that we get the “most out of 24 hours”. Consequently, marketers have to find innovative ways to work around the reality and still break from the clutter.

The Voice found a way to use pre-rolls in a way that truly marries that short content form with its contest format, all the while empowering the fan. They did this by allowing fans to vote for contestants to be eligible for the Voice by “not skipping”. If you’d skip the ad because you did not like the person singing, then that would count as a negative vote for that person. Have a look at the case study. Absolutely brilliant idea.

Vine videos are also growing in popularity simply because they are powered by mobile, quick to create, and give instant social gratification. As Brands jump on this movement in film, some are creating absolute gems. I have shared great Vine work in previous posts. Simply check here and here. In 2014 we saw some brilliant work that played around with different production techniques to bring to life fundamental attributes of their respective Brands. Have a look at the work below

Coca-Cola – The fun in refreshment

Converse – the colours of rock n’ roll

Go-Pro – Reliving vibrance

Mini – the features of fun

Nike – the electricity of the game

Oreo – the imagination of the middle

Watch a miracle in the making: the creation of our final @OreoLab nomster! #Halloween #OreoLab

A video posted by OREO (@oreo) on

The Washington Post – the Peeps Diorama contest


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