Discovering how our world and humanity is defined by symmetry

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Our world is made out of so many things that compliment each other. We don’t necessarily realize that our daily endeavors are surrounded by actions, things, emotions, behaviors that add symmetry and thus balance to our lives. This film touches on some of these in a graphic and touching way.

The film triggers memories and helps you think of all the things that add harmony and understanding to the world around you. Many things are opposites that create a spectrum to judge from. Many things are complimentary to help you understand how 1+1 can equal 3. Many things are partnerships which helps us understand tolerance and respect. The list goes on but you’ll conclude your own parallels with this film.

Thanks to the team at Everynone who put this together in partnership with Radiolab. An absolute masterpiece.

Symmetry from Everynone on Vimeo.

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