Developing products to sell services? A blood donation NGO in Brazil shows us how

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Convincing people to give blood is difficult because people tend to think about themselves or never realize its relevance until it affects them or their family. The case study below is from Brazil and is the second one this year that I’ve seen around blood donation (see here the other case study that was an award winner).

The power of this idea is that it uses the idea that your life is running out by drawing the parallel between battery life and human life. To realize the idea they created a unique “donor” offering – a cable that allows people to share battery power between cell phones. Therefore, those that are running low on battery life, can borrow some juice from others who have more. As a result both phones “live” longer. The link with blood donation is obvious.

Once again we see that companies and their agencies are looking to unorthodox means to cement their messages and are using social chatter and publicity to bring the ideas to life. Very cool. Leo Burnett Tailor Made is the agency.

The Donor Cable / Clube Sangue Bom – Videocase (english version) from Leo Burnett Tailor Made on Vimeo.

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