DC Shoes show us once again why they are the masters of content marketing

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When it comes to the type of content that gets shared more readily, action sports Brands are lucky because their subject matter has the thrill, excitement, and super-human skill attributes that people crave. Then why is it that some Brands get it really right and some don’t? Let’s look at two examples to examine the point: DC Shoes and Mini.

DC Shoes has been hitting home runs with their content for quite a while. Their Gymkhana videos have not only been seen by millions, they have been the written about by journalists as best-in-class content (see article here). What they have mastered is the ability to deliver over-the-top sporting feats with style and uniqueness, and found ways of bringing the viewing into the stories. As such, the viewer feels as though they are experiencing the stunt. Their latest film for moto X rider Robbie Maddison is a case in point. Have a look.

MINI is another Brand that has been exploiting extreme sports as part of their content strategy with much less success. While their stunts are just as insane as those from DC, they lack personality and viewing differentiation. There is little attention to detail when it comes to the filmic treatment which results in an end product that feels done, even though the stunt may be very novel. They lack that extra thought to the production quality and unique presentation that makes the viewing experience feel special. Have a look.

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