Creative excellence in English Language training marketing: 2 very different but equally brilliant approaches

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There has been some very creative work done for educational institutions, especially English language schools. Arguably the two funniest commercials talk about the potentially embarrassing situations arising when one does not understand English (see below). Their creative approach mock the consumer which isn’t ideal, even if they are highly entertaining films. A better approach to activate and consumer’s attention and willingness to act is to celebrate their ability, knowledge, and intelligence.

An English school in Brazil (CCBEU) wanted to attract new students by acknowledging and rewarding those people who know what they teach. The thinking behind taking a very different approach to language school advertising is that it will spark greater active engagement. Moreover, they chose a media channel that already had high engagement – cinema ads. People in the theaters are much more likely to speak about the work in their social circles than they would if they had simply seen a piece of content, even if it was very funny. Have a look. It is in Portuguese but you will get the idea very easily (ironically there is no language training necessary).

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