Cool new music & music videos – April 2013 edition

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Increasingly, bands are partnering with brands to create brilliant videos that help both parties connect with existing and new audiences. I have found 2 great examples to share in this month’s cool music & music video review.

The first example is a partnership between the fashion brand G-Star and the band Skrillex. The video brings to life the personality of the brand brilliantly while giving the band a piece of content that is incredibly cool.

The second example is a partnership between the fashion brand Diesel and the brand The Very Best & Moroka. It beautifully brings to life the Africa vibe of the clothing line while creating a stunning piece of storytelling through the puppets.

The next video is not a partnership but is unbelievably entertaining. The technique used leaves you a bit in wonder.

Lastly, this recent video for Passion Pit made the list of Vimeo’s Staff Picks and is a true gem.

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