Cool music & music videos – March 2014 edition

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High quality craftsmanship in music video making is definitely back in full force. Two new videos from Metronomy, Cut Copy and Placebo demonstrate this with conviction. The film by Placebo even has a long narrative at the beginning of the film that somewhat misleads a viewer into believing that it is some form of instructional of new age video. The creativity and attention to detail is spectacular. Have a look.

Placebo – Loud Like Love

Placebo // Loud Like Love (feat. Bret Easton Ellis) from Saman Kesh on Vimeo.

After the praise and popularity of Gravity, it is not surprising that a band would tap into this conversation.  The film by Metronomy is a powerful example of this “trend”. The quality is surprisingly high and the ability to immerse yourself into the story is absolute. Have a look

Metronomy – I’m Aquarious

Using the latest technologies is something that music videos have done for every. Cut Copy played with 3D printing in their latest video. Their key protagonists in their story were made from 3D printing and were brought to life using stop motion animation. Very cool and the song is great as well. Have a look.

Cut Copy – We Are Explorers

Stop Motion continues to be a favoured production technique used in music videos. This 2014 release from Farao does a wonderful job to create a very haunting visual compliment to her sad and eerie song. Have a look.

Farao – The Hours

Great choreography will always be a staple of music videos. When its great, it has influenced culture. We need only remind ourselves of Beyonce’s Single Ladies. Rihanna is also a regular music video maven. This rendition of Numb brings out some outstanding dancing that will be certainly copied. Have a look

Rihanna – Numb

Rihanna – Numb from Q Burdette on Vimeo.

Another brilliant work of unbelievable choreography comes from Pillar Point. Their stunning dancing man in New York City captures the imagination with his seemingly impossible moves. Have a look.

Pillar Point – Dreamin’

Finally, we are all by now enamoured with Spotify. Therefore, it is very hard to believe that there remain songs on Spotify that have never been listened to – a total of 4 million songs! A site has been created for this called Forgotify. The site streams songs that have never been played to give them a chance. You will likely encounter songs that have never been played for a reason but other more obscure bands or singers could surprise you. I really liked this idea to promote new bands and artists so I wanted to share.


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