Cool music & music videos – December 2013 edition

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The collection of interesting music videos in December bring to life several trends that we are seeing in music.

First, we can see that efforts to create micro-movies is gaining momentum. However, the stories tend to be quite extreme and violent. This reflects the desire for intense and extreme experiences that is growing within culture and content consumption online. See the Kid Wise and Gesaffelstein videos below.

Second, we can see some artists favouring sharing real stories versus talking about their “stage life”. The film from Wilkinson reflects this and feels a lot like the Google Chrome or Skype online films.

Third, the continued deep integration between artists and Brands continues. The two videos at the end are both for VW cars, and both have chosen interesting music partnerships to market their Brands. The videos are entertaining and the likely infusion of corporate money, allowed the artists to have access to quite innovative ideas and film techniques.

Here are the videos of the month:

“When the night is over” – The Magician: This film is a true orgy of colour and graphic shapes. The stop motion vibe allow for a very energetic and enjoyable viewing experience.

The Magician x When the night is over x Romain Segaud from SoLab on Vimeo.

“Afterglow” – Wilkinson: This is a wonderful video-diary of a couple’s five year relationship stats. The realism is powerful and hooks into the highs and lows of a partnership.

“What I might do” – Ben Pearce: The technique used in this film feels very 70s and very analog. While the choreography is nothing special, there is something very captivating about the rawness of the film.

“Hope” – Kid Wise: The violence of this film is severe. Yet this utter raw story makes for a powerful backdrop to the song.

“Hate or Glory” – Gestaffelstein: Here is another massively violent music video. Once again, the intensity of the picture make the song have so much more emotional power.

“Walk off the earth” – Gang of Rhythm: This is a music video done by the Beetle brand using an online loved Brand, a lot like OK Go.

“Play the road”- Underworld: Another VW effort, this time for the Golf GTI using legendary techno group Underworld

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