Content expectations in social media are changing: Coke and others show us how a more socially-considered approach is the way of the future

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Every aspect of our lives is shared in social media. It seems to have become the forum in our lives that helps us validate and add value to the things that we do, the people that we interact with, the things that we like, etc. As a consequence, voyeurism as entertainment has reached a point where it no longer has the appeal it once did and people are looking for more value out of social. This is the reason that consumers expect Brands to actually do something good. We have seen notable examples of the course of the last few years where this movement has gripped the creative community (see articles here and here and here and especially the recent Cannes article about the growth of socially-minded creativity). I am about to share two more fantastic examples, one from the champion of this movement (Coca-Cola) and one from a society in Canada.

The first is a brilliant social media program developed in Canada to raise awareness of missing children. Clearly this type of Brand will automatically develop work that is more meaningful, but how they have managed to inject their cause in a conversational-type way that makes people want to get involved is brilliant. They have truly tapped into the motivations of social media and the trend of more meaningful social media versus simplistic entertainment. The project is called “Milk Carton 2.0”. In short they have brought back the iconic missing children’s search tool and evolved it for the digital age. Using a full arsenal of reach and location-based social platforms, they were able to bring back the power of the milk carton. Have a look.

The next example is from Coca-Cola who have developed a wonderful bit of content that is truly socially engineered. We all know that Coke’s vision is to fill the world with more happiness. There are countless ways to ignite the good in everyone, the happiness in all of our hearts. Over the course of the past few years, Coke has continually looked at little actions that it can do in the world at large that accomplish this goal. The most recent one is to try and trigger a smile in the everyday person going about his or her daily routine. We know that a smile, a genuine smile, triggers an actual biological positive reaction. It truly is the start of happiness. So Coke put together some street team in different locations whose only goal it was to make someone smile. The result is beautiful. The amount of shares of this bit of content demonstrates the interest that people have in socially-considered content. Have a look.

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