Content & cultural commentary

I have recently gone through a creative process to develop content for an upcoming campaign where the task was simple: bring to life the core creative idea and be provocative. The ideas that were shared were certainly beautiful, but lacked the power to be shared. Too many creatives look too easily at executional wizardry or filmic beauty before looking for a striking concept, one that has a strong point of view on a topic that all know about.

download (1)The Brands that are able to make their content travel are those that provide a strong point of view on a universally understood topic and thus generate worthwhile cultural commentary. One of the giants of this is Heineken. They repeatedly use their core properties to create discussion. A recent example is their The Dilemma stunt. It wonderfully goes at the heart of sport passion challenging a fan to decide over the game or friendship. After having challenged fans to choose between relationships and friendship (see here), this seems like a perfect continuation. Have a look.

Another great example of a Brand creating valuable social commentary comes from Samsung. They decided to use their technology to allow blind people to see that photographic beauty that others are sharing. They turned Instagram photos of the Hong Kong skyline into braille using the hashtag #BeTheirEyes. The result was an willing community helping a less fortunate grateful other community. Absolutely beautiful. Have a look.

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