Coke shows us perfection in packaging innovation: bringing to life the brand mission, addressing a core category barrier, and creating amazing content

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I have written quite a lot about pack and product innovations lately. Getting your brand and product to play central role in your vision is critical to ensure what you stand for is not only remembered, but believed. Through greater opportunities in manufacturing or connection to the product via technology, more Brands are now truly experimenting in this space. The Brand that has always believed in “role of product” is Coke. It is a fundamental aspect to the success of their marketing communications.

Coke has unabashedly sought to be the beacon of happiness, attempting to trigger happiness with everything it does. Sharing has been a core aspect of their efforts given that connection and kindness (when you give somebody something) are profound triggers of happiness. The big challenge has always been to share the actual product. After all, there is only 1 can or 1 bottle.

Fortunately Coke has now found a way to share the actual can and in doing so has opened up a whole new world of possibilities to its mission of spreading happiness. It is such a simple idea but was likely quite difficult to get through the manufacturing process. However, if you think that it not only spreads the mission of happiness AND encourages portion control (which is clearly important given the obesity issues around the globe) it was likely easily bought in. Brilliant. Ogilvy is the Agency

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