Coke helps kids take their entire social networks to cool live events

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Creative innovation in Israel keeps on pushing out great work year in year out. Once again it is Coca-Cola who is leading the charge. The brand has brought together thousands of young Israelis across the country to enjoy activities including a movie
marathon, day at a water park, rock concert and parties, etc.

In order to make all these more social Coke figured out an ingenious way to integrate people’s online experience with their real
This led to the introduction of
FaceLook – a real life posting application based on face
recognition technology, enabling participants to post comments and
pictures to their Facebook wall using only their faces as

At any one of the venues of Coca-Cola Summer Love in Israel,
participants could post experiences on their Facebook wall, just by
looking at the FaceLook machine.
The application recognised the person
and posted an automatic comment, relevant to the attraction closest to
where the machine was located. What a great way of allowing your friends to live your experiences and be part of the conversation.

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