Coffee is leading the way in community marketing

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downloadMany brands today are trying to fuel their business activities in ways that help the communities in which they operate, or among the communities that they influence. Its not just good business practice because it fuels love among its consumers and customers, but it also is what modern-day business will be increasingly demanded to do because the “raid and pillage” era of corporate existence is giving way to a “walk the talk” and “give and take” reality.

The most aggressive way of integrating community marketing into the fabric of your business is to see how it can influence the production & development side of your business. Coffee Brand Kenco did exactly this by hiring youths and young adults in their growing communities who were at risk or already being influenced by gangs. This way these young people were more likely to stay away from these dark influences and people.

A less foundational approach to community marketing is to include it into everyday operations. Starbucks has historically been very good at this. In South Korea they developed a brilliant program called “Takeout Your Garden” where they helped contribute to local farming by not just offering up their store compost, but also by encourage their patrons to become “small time” farmers by having fun with their plastic Starbucks cups. The program also tapped into the gaming vibe that is rooting in Asian culture. Have a look.

Takeout your Garden Campaign from Brainexit Creative Studio on Vimeo.

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