Client comments made into posters

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Advertising is a funny business. Clients want creativity to sell products or services. However, many clients also don’t allow the creative process to take its course. Instead they contribute in ways that frustrate creativity, even if their intentions are good.

The Irish creative community got together for a charity program where they developed a poster series that mocked the comedic client comments that they have faced over the years. The posters raised money for the Temple Street Children’s Hospital. If you’d like to order a print please visit their website here. Otherwise, scroll down and get ready to be entertained.

AnotherRoom_web Austin1 Austin2 brianfitzer A3 poster cartoon_72dpi CJ Print JenniferFarley2 Lovely.Colours_640 MarkandPaddy1 MarkandPaddy2 MarkandPaddy3 NEW baby Print Sandwich SharpSuits Solutionise_A3_72dpi too-old-to-be-a-granny1 Under_25_A3_72dpi_640

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