Christmas 2016 ads: emotionally powerful

The end of the year is alway a time where marketers reveal their holiday advertising. The United Kingdom has a longstanding heritage of delivering brilliant creativity. This year, the work is exceptionally good, everywhere. With a backdrop of political and cultural unrest, people need positive messages. The advertising community certainly delivered. Enjoy the great work, and take these good thoughts into the new year. We need to create a movement of good.

The first ad is from John Lewis, who seems to outdo itself every year. Message: Share joy together, with friend or foe

The second ad is from German retail chain Edeka, called #Zeitschenken. Message: Make time for your kids because they matter more than anything else

The third ad is from M&S, who have not impressed in past years but in 2016, wow. Message: Care for your family, because family counts above all else

The fourth ad is from Allegro, the polish online retailer. This is one of the best ads of the year, hands down. So simple and so powerful. Message: Love is worth all the effort in the world

The fifth ad is from Sainsbury’s, who have done an animation masterpiece. Message: Spend time with your family and give the best gift of all

The sixth ad is from Apple, who have captured the zeitgeist in a wonderful way: Message: Care for all those around you, even those you fear or don’t understand

The seventh ad is from Burberry, and is a long form period piece celebrating their 160 years. Message: Follow your passion

The eight ad is from Aldi. It is a cute fairy tale type story that captures the spirit of Christmas. Message: Believe in dreams

The final ad is from H&M, who have done an interesting Wes Anderson piece. Message: Come together and shed away your frustrations and reservations

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