Cars and videos that go viral

The allure of a fast car coupled with an unexpected situation is for men like candy for a four year old: irresistible.  Brands that target men have been playing on these emotional strings for a very long time. With the explosion of video content that is so easily shared through social, the ante on excitement has been seriously raised.

Arguably the Brand that can teach all others how to do this to perfection is DC with their GymKhana video series. Their first film has collected over 80 million views. The most recent one is in Dubai. Beyond being absolutely sensational, the fact that they were able to film in all the locations is a feat on its own. Have a look.

More traditional Brands such as BMW are playing more with dream scenarios and adventure. In the stunt that was done to celebrate their 100th birthday, the Brand leverage their car sharing service in Hamburg to create an unexpected impact on the city. The Carnapping stunt creates quite a story. Have a look.

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