Car Brands use technology & entertainment to facilitate buying decisions

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Automotive Brands have been dialling up their marketing innovation when it comes to getting consumers to make those final steps towards purchasing a car. They have used technology, social, and mobile to bring new experiences to age-old rituals. In doing so, automotive Brands have made dealer experiences a lot more fun and empowering. Two areas that have received a great deal of creative attention are test drives and customisation.

Getting consumers to test drive a car is very important so that all that you read about and hear can be felt, by you. The challenge is that people are choosing to explore different cars because of the mountain of research they do before that final test drive. Car brands want more people to “broaden” their test drive repertoire. Many brands have done interesting test drive initiatives such as Chevy (see here), Nissan (see here), and VW (see here). VW is especially innovative when it comes to using digital technologies to propel their marketing initiatives. A recent program in South Africa turned the mundane test drive into an epic game of tag. Through social media and a promotional tie-in, they drove a significantly larger amount of test drives.

imagesFinding the right combination of features to customise your car to your perfect specifications is part of the joy of buying a new car. However, the process to do this can be less pleasurable. Mercedes looked to find an interesting way to use an almost ubiquitous tool, Instagram, as a vehicle to discover all the ways that you can customise your new Mercedes. They have tapped into the filter functionality to be able to customise a hero shot of a Mercedes car. In doing so, users can create their perfect car. The Instagram filter options allow consumers to add and remove features to their hearts content. Have a look.

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