Can Ken ever get Barbie back? Mattel is trying to start a movement that will make it happen

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Traditional toy and game companies are finding interesting ways of giving their “old world” Brands a “new world” facelift through social media. Hasbro did this last year with the Trivial Pursuit and Monopoly Brands. Now there is Mattel with their Barbie & Ken Brands.
To release the new “Sweet Talkin’ Ken” doll and celebrate Ken’s 50th anniversary, Mattel has started a movement to reunite Barbie and Ken. The attached video shows how Ken creates a profile on to be able to reach out to Barbie who’s conveniently already on there. Ken’s many exploits to re-connect with Barbie can be followed across all major social networks where he has created a profile to interact with his “friends” (ie you). Have a look at his Facebook page, Twitter page and Foursquare page. In other words, you can play a real role in helping your friend reconnect with the woman he loves. The hub of the story is at where you vote on whether Barbie should take Ken back.
To fuel the conversation about what it takes to be a “good” boyfriend, Mattel launched a web series called Genuine Ken, featuring “Ken-testants” who are competing for the title of “The Great American Boyfriend.” The movement even went offline through stunts aimed at sparking debate around “love and relationships” such as appearances at New York’s Fashion Night Out, talk show across the US and billboards in New York and Los Angeles.
What a brilliantly integrated campaign filled with tons of smaller conversations that fuel a larger debate, or movement. Well done Mattel!

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