Can ancient art become modern? Absolutely, all you need is some simple dressing

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We all know that you “shouldn’t judge a book by its cover”. However, it is difficult to not have an impression of someone based on how they look and what they wear. You don’t even have to hear a person speak and often your mind is made up. It is a bad trait but one that we have nurtured since we were young. We have all also been in situations where we’ve found that a certain person was judged completely incorrectly whether it was after a conversation or after discovering a totally different side than “what was shown”.

The French artist Leo Caillard attempted to challenge this paradigm behaviour with his Street Stone series. Here he photographed famous sculptures from the Louvres and dressed them in hipster clothes. The impact of how they are perceived immediately changes. The project was done by having his friend pose in the same way as the various statues and then he layered on the clothing in photoshop. Very cool project.

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