Building brands through experience marketing

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downloadThe way that many tech companies brand-build is through stunts. This is due to the fact that many rely heavily on their PR teams to do the non-computational marketing. The result is that we see a lot of superficial, and quickly forgotten work. The smarter companies deploy stunts that are both newsworthy and have deeper value so that they start to create brand evangelism.

Take Airbnb for example who aimed to unlock places around the world where it was never previously possible to stay with their “Night At…” series, such as bookstores, private planes, exclusive shopping malls, etc. In doing so they started to redefine what the meaning and feeling of travel should be about (see here and here and here). To further demonstrate that they are a Brand that truly wants to create authentic experiences, they took it upon themselves to improve the communities in which they operate by giving away $1MM to its hosts and travellers in an effort to generate “random acts of kindness in local communities”.

Uber has also gotten into the game of doing stunts with a purpose. They set up free ride programs in Toronto, Canada, for people who had too much to drink. Setting up breathalizers downtown, those that enjoyed their night-out more than planned had the opportunity to get a free Uber ride home by showing that they would blow over the limit. Very cool idea.

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