Brilliant Or Disturbing? You Decide

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The All Blacks are the New Zealand national rugby team. They are a sporting brand like no other, with a solid identity, a unique personality, broad awareness, and a fanatical and loyal consumer base. Manchester United is the closest other global sports brand that I can think of that could compare. To feed the passion behind the Brand, they came up with an absolutely unique spin on the development of their annual calendar. In short, each team member was drawn blood, the samples of all team members were combined, the sterilized “team blood” was mixed into the printing paint, and a limited run of the “Bonded By Blood” posters were developed. This is a true buzz generating initiative and one that, at first glance, feels excessive. However, the All Blacks fans are cult like. As such, the initiative is fueling the Brand Identity of the organization. These posters will become very valuable collection pieces. What an inspiring promotion.

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