Brilliance in shopper marketing: Corona shows us how to continuously inspire consumption every single day

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When it comes to on or off-trade promotional materials for beer, the coaster is arguably the most popular item: It is necessary, it is easy to print messaging on, and it is as close as you can possibly get to consumption. Consequently, many Brands develop interesting coasters. Yet, I’ve yet to see a Brand develop an annual promotion with coasters. Meanwhile, it is the obvious touchpoint to utilize for a frequency play. For this reason, I really love what Corona did in Asia.

To celebrate the great moments that warrant a cheers, Corona developed a year-long promotion with coasters. There was a new coaster for each day onto which a creative design brought to life a special event, anniversary or discovery from that day that was worth a cheers. The initiative not only helped inspire daily consumption, but also would likely turn participants in the promotion into Corona “advertisers”. Why? Because great coasters often get treated as art by guys who hang them up in their bars, their rooms, etc. The coaster collection from Corona has a high likelihood of igniting this behavior given their great creative design.

This idea is so simple and really lo-fi but has incredible impact potential. Well done.

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