Brazil takes the Dove Real Beauty campaign to a whole new level, and shows what a good idea is capable of

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The Dove Real Beauty core creative idea has been powering Dove for a very long time. Much like other long-living ideas, there is constant pressure to find out whether the idea still has strongest ability for the Brand. A recent idea from Brazil shows that its many legs are far from being used up.

To reinforce the idea that many women continue to view themselves as a lesser, uglier person than they really are, Dove came up with an ingenious idea that brought to life this reality in the most raw and emotionally-charged way possible. They used a criminal sketch artist to paint the women from the point of view of themselves and someone whom they just met. The difference, consistently, was eye-opening and heart-wrenching.

In a world where we often define ourselves by what we have accomplished, where we work, the things that we have, it is powerful to see that we need to work a lot harder on us – our being, our soul, our relationship with the world around us. Have a look at the video and pictures below. Ogilvy Brazil did the work. Unbelievable.

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