Blink-182 rewards its fans for stealing their music

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The music industry has another high-profile cool digital gem: The Blink-182 illegal fan mashup. For the release of their new single, Blink-182 used a very unique approach to re-engage their fan base. They decided to scour
YouTube for every uploaded video that used their music without
permission and then set about cutting it into their very own music

The unique approach was not intended to celebrate track stealing, rather to spark a
re-energised community to talk abut the new single since the band hadn’t released a song in 8 years
. With this new single and clever marketing idea, their fans will become the unassuming stars of the new music
video. To get the video right, it took a lot of editing the hundreds of videos found on Youtube and selecting the best ones. The approach is great because it is a beautiful demonstration of how to ignite chatter on a forum where this chatter occurs with content that is already generating chatter. Nice one.

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