Billboard Magazine takes inspiration from Coke to connect with true music fans at the newspaper stand

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Ever since Coke showed the world that you can develop great communications by filming a vending machine doing surprising things, Brands have been lining up with their versions. Whether it is Pepsi who made vending truly social (see here), or Unilever that created a smile ice cream vending machine (see here), or Douwe Egberts that developed a vending machine that gave you coffee if you were tired (see here), or Amstel that gave you a free beer through its vending machine if you did… nothing (see here), and the list goes on.

Most Brands that have taken inspiration from Coke are from packaged goods companies for obvious reasons. Billboard Magazine is the first publisher that I’ve seen use the stunt tactic. Their take on the vending machine idea is pretty cool: they used it to connect true music fans with their magazine. They accomplished this feat by installing a simple piece of technology that scanned the music on your phone and then identified whether you had a select amount of tracks from artists being written about in that months’ Billboard Magazine. A super simple idea that definitely got music fans talking. However, they should have created better content. Enjoy.

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