Beer Brands show how creativity and social responsibility not only create brilliance, they can have a significant effect on behaviour

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Alcohol Brands have a responsibility to encourage their drinkers to be smart when consuming their drinks. Getting behind the wheel or getting yourself in unpleasant situations can have dire outcomes. While we are ultimately responsible for our own actions, alcohol companies need to use some of their influencing power to help curb behaviours for the health and safety of those that keep them in business.

This week, I have discover two brilliant campaigns from separate beer Brands that tackle these social responsible acts with great creativity and thus great effectiveness. The first is from Antarctica Beer in Brazil. Instead of a series of shock films run on TV that show the results of drinking and driving, they took a much more useful approach: create a reason and incentive for people not to drive.

Antarctica developed “beer turnstiles” that allowed people to take public transport for free as long as they paid with an empty can. Beer literally paid your ride home. Therefore, you had no excuse to take a car. Moreover, the idea encouraged recycling. Absolutely brilliant. Have a look at the video. AlmapBBDO was the agency.

The second campaign is out of Spain for Birra 08. Their social responsible program was focused on helping you not drink too much. However, instead of talking about the levels of consumption and what it does to your body, they focused on something a lot more important for their male audience: picking up. As such, they created and app that allowed people to see how their judgement was being impaired with the opposite sex. The photo-based app allowed you to take a picture of your “target” and then gave a realistic visualisation based on the number of beers you’ve had. A very gutsy idea from DDB.

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