Beautiful Spanish design

Spain in renown for its design acumen, but it feels that there is a surge of creativity coming out of this country of late. Countless design blogs frequently post articles about Spanish designers. The combination of economic struggle coupled with deep passion for culture and history has birthed some wonderful creative expressions. Barcelona is a hotbed for much of this work, and thus is a must-visit destination for all those that appreciate the stimulus of broad thinking and seeing the world from different perspectives than most.

A few examples of this creative thinking are from Bel & Bel and Juan Jo Calva. The first is a design studio that work with old Vespa and car parts to create furniture marvels. The second is an illustrator that manages to bring true “homemade” authenticity to food packaging. Have a look at the two below.

2.1-Plus-edition-silver-723x1024 BV_Black_01_300dpi1 C_1560-755x1024 DSC_0056-723x1024 DSC_0149-742x1024 VespaBlue

The following is a packaging project from Juan Jo Calva for Cosmo drinks. The work is absolutely brilliant because it manages to signal quality and freshness while also creating a badge product.

juancalva-1 juancalva-2-900x636 juancalva-3-900x636 juancalva-4 juancalva-8-900x900 juancalva-14

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