Axe leans back into its creative heartland

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Axe (or Lynx) has tried to go a bit too polished of late with their core creative idea. Angels falling from the sky? Come on. The executions were beautiful but it felt as though the Brand was buying into its own hype. The authenticity of the original idea felt lost. At the end of the day, “helping you in the mating game” is fairly basic and raw (even primitive). Through humor they were able to turn a Neanderthal-driven idea into a creative area so ripe that it continues to be appealing so many years after its initial inception.

Fortunately some of Axe markets continue to have a vibrant life-line to the core idea and its tonality. In Argentina the Brand ran a video-based campaign that has a mafia-inspired edge to it. A character has been created to help guys who take the mating game to extremes. To avoid any nasty stories after a proper night out, The Cleaner can be called upon to remove any evidence.

I love this idea because it leans heavily into the most emotionally rich place of the core creative idea: what can happen when you have success in the mating game. I can already see the amplification of this idea. Await cool social ideas, games, and even activations. Very cool.

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