Automotive Brands continue to drive digital creativity. Some recent examples from VW and Renault

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Every since Ford made a giant move into digital and social a few years ago, the automotive industry has been experimenting aggressively with their digital marketing efforts. Volkswagen has done a great amount of work recently (see here and here). And Mercedes has been finding very innovative ways to get their cars and trucks noticed and talked about (see here and here and here and here). Bottom line, many automotive Brands are experimenting with the different conversation and distribution channels online to great affect.

Volkswagen continues to forge ahead with a recent program on Twitter that attempted to be the most trending topic for a day. They have been playing around with Twitter through many interesting programs over the past few years (see music festival idea here). This initiative from Spain from DDB sought to get as many people as possible to hashtap #Polowers. As such they created a Twitter race where the last person to Tweet under a given time would win (and the prize was a nice new car). Essentially it was an auction behaviour brought to Twitter. Very cool. See below.

A brand that hasn’t gotten any notoriety for its digital efforts is Renault but that could be changing if their recent viral stunt is an indication of where they are heading. They gave speed-dating a whole new meaning and scared the living daylights out of a few good men. Have a look at the video because its says it all.

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