Asics shows how words from loved ones can help you battle through the toughest challenge

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The New York City Marathon is an epic challenge of man or woman against his or herself. At key points during such a long race you truly need to pull out that extra bit within yourself to push on. The other means is through encouragement from friends and family cheering on the sidelines.This reality is what Asics tapped into when they teamed up with the Road Runners Club to create the “support your marathoner” campaign.

The campaign was brutally simple but so powerful. Recordings of encouragement were done at various locations around NYC prior to the race (hopefully without the Runner knowing about it). During race day, the sensors on the shoe tags of runners triggered their family or friend recording to be displayed on giant LED screens in-front of the location where they were running. Surprised athletes where showered with words of encouragement. Some broke out in tears. Yes that is how touching it was. Have a look at the video. Brilliant.

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