Andy Warhol’s most iconic art brought to life… finally

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Limited edition packaging is part of the marketing handbook. Spirit brands have been doing it for a very long time, and we’ve seen great CPG giants such as Coke do creative masterpieces over the past years. One of the most obvious opportunities that seemed at odds with the company culture was Campbell’s taking advantage of its heritage with pop-art.

Recently Campbell’s Soup released a limited-edition series of cans to celebrate Andy Warhol’s 50th anniversary. The cans are inspirations that mirror the artist’s expressions. It feels long overdue but a great initiative nonetheless. Warhol used the soup cans in his famous screenprints in the early 1960s. These pieces then inspired him to work with other iconic brand packs such as Coca-Cola bottles and Brillo boxes.

The unique cans will be sold solely at Target in the US and there are 1.2 million available. The resale on eBay is already active. While I think the pack idea is great it seems a miss not to do a more integrated experience around the special edition cans. The canvas can open the next generation of artists, kick-start an “M&M” style color promotion, etc. It will be interesting to see whether the marketing leverages this opportunity to its fullest.

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