Amazing Google Glass sports training app

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Wearables are predicted to make a big splash in 2014 and have been much discussed at the recent CES. Google Glass (explained in detail here) has been one of the big plays bolstering this trend in technology. In the second half of 2013 we started to see early attempts at apps for this yet-to-be released technology. Some were Branded, some not, but most seem very interesting (have a look at article here). Those that stood out, had incredible utility, helping a task become not just easier but more fun. I foresee that Glass will add a layer of gamification to tasks bringing a whole new level of pleasure.

3024644-poster-p-race-1A Google Glass app that has been getting a lot of press lately is called Race Yourself. As the name would suggest, the app is for athletes and it helps you improve your best performance, regardless of what sport you are in. Their idea is nothing novel. Ads have been done by the likes of Nike and Asics (see below) that leverage the idea of competing, literally, against yourself. However, this app actually allows you to do it. To add some excitement to the challenge, you can have Zombies or boulders chase you. They are currently recruiting “beta athletes” from all types of sport to build its usage capability across the entire sport spectrum. If you are interested, visit their website here. The video below explains the app in greater detail.

Asics – Better Your Best

Nike – Beat Your Best

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