Airlines: Transporting emotions, not just people

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1The airline industry has been pushing the creative acumen of their marketing efforts of late. Meanwhile, you would not fault them if they would be a lot more hard-hitting across the board with their efforts given the cut-throat competition. However, many airline brands have understood that consideration cannot be solely driven by price – there is a marginal premium that consumers will pay if they have a positive predisposition to what you stand for.

Some airlines find interesting ways to do this by partnering with other Brands who have huge equity. Azul Airlines did this through a partnership with Coca-Cola. For the Christmas period they did a heart-warming stunt in Brazil where they turned passengers of one flight into Santa Clauses for a day. The hook was that the passengers only found out about their “festive roles” while on the flight. Have a look at the video. This gesture of kindness to a less fortunate group will make potential passengers feel more compelled to travel with Azul because they indirectly feel that they are part of something bigger.

Another airline from Brazil called Smiles wanted to show that it delivers memories. Therefore they set up a series of initiative whereby they document the unique journeys of some of their passengers. One such passenger was an elderly man and his wife who return to Portugal for the first time after emigrating to Brazil 60 years ago. The trip is a whirlwind of emotions and really shows the impact that Smiles has on some of its travellers. Much like the impact of the campaign by Azul Airlines, this effort for Smile will certainly give people a tangible and emotion-packed memory so that when they book again, the Brand will have higher recall potential, and subsequent purchase intent (especially if complimented with more hard-hitting computational marketing efforts).

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