Adidas uses runners own burned energy to pump them up during a marathon

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The idea of using walking, dancing or running to create energy has been explored with varying degrees of success over the past few years. A club in Holland used the energy from its dancing patrons to power parts of the club, a gym in Scandinavia that uses the energy from its members’s activities to help them pay bills (see here) and so on. However, Adidas is the first Brand that I’ve come across that has leveraged this technology in both its product and in the advertising effort that it developed to market the product.

A new shoe Adidas shoe technology called Boost gives back energy to runners. Instead of talking about the technology, the Brand wanted to let athletes know what it felt like. So they took their idea to the Santiago marathon. At the entrance to the marathon, Adidas harnessed the energy from the 25,000 entrants via floor panels placed at the registration area. Then they used the energy to encourage the marathon runners during the last mile of the race. Given that the runners could be identified by their bib numbers, the messages were personalised making the impact that much greater.

Very powerful and a brilliant example of giving the product a central role in the story!

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