Adidas shows us how to evolve the approach to stunts: use your stores

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Stunts are the new TVCs. We see a growing amount of examples by the month. Since T-Mobile pioneered the approach several years ago (see one of their efforts here – its not the one you knows :)), the marketing world has jumped on-board. It makes total sense: you have the ability to have a rich suite of content assets that can be used across social media and in tradition media. The goal is clearly to make a stunt approach that does more. Adidas seems to have taken it a slight step forward by adding store-event to the list of marketing deliverables coming out of a stunt.

Adidas found a way to link the stunt to a grassroots activation and thus made the suite of content assets that much richer. For the launch of the new Derrick Rose basketball shoe, they set up a pop-up store where the shelves were so high that you had to jump in order to get the shoes. In fact, the idea was that if you could jump and get the shoes, they were yours. Clearly the concept not only lined up perfectly with their functional offering, it made for some very entertaining scenarios. Combined with a creative film crew, the content that flowed off of this initiative was great. Have a look.

I suspect that as the creative community gets even more immersed with this type of marketing approach and technology advances, we will see more parts of the marketing mix merged together to create a suite of very interesting content assets that will make campaign efforts more efficient, more integrated, and thus more frequent.

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