A year to forget: 2016 in review

This year has been horrible. The forces of bad have flexed their muscles and have gotten an unfair share of attention. The sheer volume of influential people that we have had to say goodbye to is saddening.

#Time Magazine did a wonderful piece honored the greats that have left us these past 12 months. Have a look.

There was so much loss in 2016, and people looked online to make sense of it all. A video by Go Chatter did a nice film that encapsulates this using the Google Search in review format. Have a look.

It is a milestone moment in human history, and action needs to be taken. We need to spread good. We need to show the positive side of humankind so that the negative energies that have been thrown around don’t gain the upper hand. #Google’s Search in review did this very well. Have a look.

#Facebook also did a video that remembered the big news items of the year. They attempted to pivot the conversation from the bad news to the good news of the year. Their attempt was decent, but not as good and as authentic as that from Google. Have a look.

The year in review video that was most disappointing was Rewind from #Youtube. It was a nice piece of film, but the production seems to have gotten in the way of the message. It is a wonderfully crafted piece of film, but lacks soul. They should take some inspiration from their parent company next year.

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