A taxi ride where the meter goes down instead of up? Seat shows us how it is possible

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Many automotive companies are turning to “stunt” content to bring to life their product or service offerings in a creative way. The motivations are simple: show the product or service in action with unsuspecting consumers and you get genuine reactions. No actor can beat that type of selling effectiveness.

The favoured stunt theme used by automotive brands is the test drive. It is a bit of the equivalent of the vending machine for soft drink brands. It makes all the sense if the world when you think about it. After all, the best way to try the product (regardless of what feature you are trying to sell) is driving it. The approaches that Nissan took in Dubai were first to partner with a local real-estate company to use their viewings as an opportunity to test drive their car (see here), and second to block people’s cars in shopping areas forcing a test-drive (see here). ┬áChevy in Brazil leaned on a perfect occasion to provide a test drive for their new Cobalt, when people’s car’s broke down and they need a tow (see here). Mercedes found an interesting way of providing a taxi service to Volvo truck drivers to get them to consider Mercedes (see here).

Now Seat joins this group of creative marketers with their own test drive idea called “the Surprise Taxi Fare”. Their new Brake Energy Recovery System helps consumers save energy. It is a fairly intellectual technology without feeling what it means to you. Therefore, they created a fleet (I think) of taxis that had the technology built-in so that people could literally see how braking saves them money – by having the meter go down with each brake. Pretty innovative! The case study is amateurish but they will learn!

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